New studio

One day looks like the next. It’s cliché, but damn true!

After a few weeks spent to move the whole studio, a few others to work on the mix for a « reference » song and still a few others to set all the other songs with the aforementioned reference, we can finally focus on voice recording.

Those of Göran and Marco are in the box and, by the way, he – marco – will duet with me on a song composed for my father!

Until then, here’s a photo of the studio!

Eddy, on 16/02/2016.

Day 4, Recording Session

I know, we do not offer much news … but believe me, we are working hard! All instruments are recorded , it « only » remains vocals … ! About 10 tracks, rather rock (& metal!), many guitar solos, balsting riffs and FM melodies … you do not believe me? Look at my poor fingers after that recording weekend!

Also, to keep you waiting, here’s a sample (without any vocal for now) of a piece quite « unexpected » for any fan of Tesuji!

Eddy, on 17/08/2015.

Mark Basile

Mark Basile (ex. Mind Key) is the current DGM’s singer. I met him the past year, during a live of the band (Milan, on 15/02/14). More than approachable, we quickly hit it off and it is naturaly that Mark agreed to sing on a track of the new album!

Eddy, on 10/05/2015.

Göran Edman

Best known for having been the singer of Yngwie Malmsteen, Göran Edman is a mastodont in the milieu. His work on albums like Wonderland (Kharma), Caleidoscope (Xsavior) or Who Is The Boss In The Factory (Karmakanic) is just impressive.

In the hopes of convincing Göran to sing on one of our songs, I approached him to present him a few snippets of songs recorded here and there … and you know what?! Seduced by what he heard, Göran agreed and so, will do us the great honour of singing on a track from the upcoming album!

Eddy, on 19/12/2014.

working hard!

One thing’s for sure, we are slogging away! The majority of tracks written, half of them recorded. The release will consist of 10 tracks and will be mixed by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) at the Domination Studio. I can already tell you that it will be a blast!

Also, Simone will honor us by playing on a track! Indeed, in addition to being a talented sound engineer, this young jack of all trades is an outstanding guitarist! You do not know !? To your ears!

Eddy, on 09/09/2014.

Day 3, Recording Session

Today, find out a fragment of our new song.

Eddy, on 14/05/2014.

Day 2, Working Session

Have a look at our second video « Day 2, Working Session ».

Eddy, on 24/11/2013.

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